Education + Demonstration Projects

Fresh Coast Communities provides marketing, workshops, tours and demonstration projects intended to educate and empower community members to determine whether green infrastructure is right for them and to develop a vision for its impact.

Green Infrastructure Planning

Fresh Coast Communities leads green infrastructure feasibility studies and planning processes with an emphasis on community engagement and plans that achieve the highest levels of social, economic and environmental impact.

Co-Benefits Programming + Partnerships

Fresh Coast Communities optimizes green infrastructure projects to realize the richest “co-benefits” for the community, which can include workforce development, improved health outcomes, neighborhood property value stabilization, increased social interaction among community members, crime reduction, increased ecological health, and more. 

Workforce Development Programming

One of the strongest tangible benefits that green infrastructure programs can bring to a community is developing a new green jobs career ladder. Fresh Coast Communities seeks to develop green infrastructure workforce development programs in the cities where Fresh Coast Capital works. 

“Green stormwater infrastructure...provides beauty as well as a multitude of community benefits – ranging from neighborhood-scale economic development to public health improvement and crime mitigation. 

The City of Peoria and Fresh Coast have partnered to develop green infrastructure projects that reflect community needs and address local priorities. This community-based approach does more than bring multiple solutions together, it brings people together.”

Anthony Corso, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Peoria 


Youngstown, OH

Fresh Coast Communities is working with community members to envision how green infrastructure can revitalize neighborhoods. 


  • City of Youngstown
  • The Colony Youngstown
  • The Raymond John Wean Foundation
  • The Youngstown Foundation
  • Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley
  • Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Willamette Partnership
  • Youngstown State University
  • AKRF

Peoria, IL

Fresh Coast Communities is working with the City to integrate workforce development and community-driven placemaking into green infrastructure installations.


  • City of Peoria
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
  • Gifts in the Moment Foundation (gitm)
  • Peoria Invest Health Team
  • Stakeholder Working and Advisory Group
  • The Frank Campbell Community Center, Peoria Housing Authority